Worlds Entwined CD


Worlds Entwined is Scar For Life's fourth studio album. Featuring a number of special guests, such as Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO), Neil Fraser (TEN, RAGE OF ANGELS), Michael Carlsson (LOVER UNDER COVER) and Anne Victorino d’Almeida, the band’s most recent opus was mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Martin Kronlund at JM Recording Studio Sweden.

Released 29 August 2014


No. Title Length
01 Thirteen Revolution 4:15 WORLDS ENTWINED (2014)
02 Because I can 3:24
03 Judgement Day 3:33
04 Promised Land 4:09
05 Vendetta 4:27
06 Disconnected 3:47
07 The Patriot 4:10
08 My Dark Serenade 5:16
09 Carols Wonder 5:30
10 Fire and Flame 4:11
11 Wish You Well Tonight 3:30
12 Worlds Entwined 7:04


Produced by Alexandre Santos

All songs by Alexandre Santos
All lyrics by Rob Mancini

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:: lineup ::
Rob Mancini: vocals
Alexandre Santos: guitars
Teen Asty: bass
João Colaço: drums

:: guests ::
Vinnie Appice: drums on track #1
Mikael Carlsson: bass
Neil Fraser: guitar

Mixed and mastered at JM Recording Studio, Sweden by Martin Kronlund
Artwork by Alina Śliwińska