It All Fades Away CD


Scar For Life’s second studio album is no longer available on CD, but it is available for digital download from iTunes and other music services.

Released 19 September 2010

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No. Title Length
01 My Darkest Journey* 5:24 IT ALL FADES AWAY (2010)
02 Cold Blood 3:36
03 Never Smile Again 4:51
04 Lost 5:12
05 This Empire 3:40
06 It All Fades Away 5:19
07 Between Us 4:44
08 Newborn pt.1 – Megalomania 4:31
09 Newborn pt.2 – Solitude 2:36
10 Narcolepsy** 5:08
11 Here Comes The Night** 5:05


Produced by Alexandre Santos

All songs by Alexandre Santos
All lyrics by Marco Resende

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:: lineup ::
Marco Resende: vocals
Alexandre Santos: lead rhythm guitars
Sean Rose ‘Sales’: bass
Daniel Cardoso: drums

:: guests ::
* – Bruno A.: lead guitars
** – Tó Pica: lead guitars
Sophie: backing vocals

Drums and vocals recorded at UltraSoundStudios by Daniel Cardoso
Guitars and keyboards at Pressplay Studios by Alexandre Santos
Bass recorded by Sean Rose ‘Sales’
Album mixed and mastered by Daniel Cardoso
Artwork by Alina Śliwińska