3 Minute Silence CD


“One of the strongest albums of this year without doubt” – Ringmaster (UK)

” the diversity of songs and composition work has allowed Scar For Life to stand out as a worthy band to pay attention to. 3 Minutes Silence really is something to take note of. Their mixture of ballads and forceful chorus’s is a brilliant step forward for the band, one which we believe at HevyPetal should be kept a eye on for future gigs and other opportunities to thank them for this miraculous album.” – HevyPetal (UK)

Released 31 August 2012


No. Title Length
01 Last Crow 6:29 3 MINUTE SILENCE (2012)
02 Metabolic 4:48
03 White Shades 4:37
04 Interlude 1948 1:53
05 Burn It All 3:55
06 Before The Storm 4:58
07 One More Day 5:27
08 3 Minute Silence 4:29
09 The Journey 4:30
10 Old Man 5:28
11 Brave Enough 6:51
12 One More Day (Instrumental) 5:35


Produced, mixed and mastered by Alexandre Santos

All songs by Alexandre Santos
All lyrics by Leonel Silva except track #2 by Alexandre Santos

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:: lineup ::
Leonel Silva: vocals
Alexandre Santos: guitars, bass & FXs
Sérgio Faria: lead guitars on tracks #6 & #11
João Colaço: drums

:: guests ::
Anne Victorino d’Almeida: violins & arrangements on tracks #7 & #10
Kari Vähäkuopus: chorus on track #4
Ged Rylands: keyboards on track #11
Nelson Raposo: piano on tracks #3, #6 & #10
Jane Castro: backing vocals

drums recorded at TchaTchaTcha Studios by Joel Conde
Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals and violins at Pressplay Studios by Alexandre Santos
Artwork by Alina Śliwińska