It All Fades Away Review: My Global Mind

“Scar for Life is deserving of any praise they get because their music speaks for itself.”

The Portugal based Scar For Life has returned this time around with their sophomore debut “It All Falls Apart”. Not your typical progressive metal band either, the guys play a very dark, moody but catchy style of prog that can jell pretty well in all phases. I was really impressed upon listening to some samples from their debut on their website so I decided to pursue their new promo and I wasn’t disappointed.

Lead singer Rez is a special talent as he grinds and wails on each track keeping the momentum of each song dark and brooding. His voice has an uncanny resemblance to Jeff Bush from Armored Saint. His powerful vocals carry some of the songs as well as the fierce riff-age of Alex S, the band’s main composer and lead guitarist.

The starter track “My Darkest Journey” is a tasty blistering scarred piece that features a strong bottom heavy rhythm to carry forward. The more modern vocals in “Never Smile Again” sounds a bit like a stronger Three Days Grace if they we’re playing this type of genre. Not being a sucker for the dramatics the guys kick it into gear even on the heartfelt ballad “Lost” with a roaring scorcher that leaves traces of an inspiring pursue of not “letting go”. The more hard rock laden under groove of “Between Us” stood out for me as the soft vocals of Rez open the song, then once again the rest of the band launching into more of a thrashy sustaining groove. Both of the Newborn parts are immediatelly attainable pieces of metal wiht an alternative edgier sound, and both delivering the strongest writing on the record.

This band can’t afford to go unnoticed anymore for obvious reasons stated already. The group can create an inspiring track or two, their lead singer is solid as a rock and their main guitar man manages to brood some cohesive melodic progressive metal tunes that hold your attention. We get alot of material that is not normally worthy of a decent review, but Scar for Life is deserving of any praise they get because their music speaks for itself. I just hope is only a matter of time until they get signed to a big deal somewhere, if not whoever is not seeing the talent is blatantly not listening carefully.


Written by Denys