Scar For Life Review: Metal Invader

“SCAR FOR LIFE is an honest band that has a clear vision of their sound and identity.”

SCAR FOR LIFE (not to be confused with the band Scars Of Life) is a project from Portugal that started just in 2008. The mainman of the band is Alex S (compositions, guitar, bass), who picked Rez (NSPerfect) for singing duties, a soulful rock singer. On session drumming there is Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System, etc). Additionally, Dinho (New Mechanica; former Redstains singer) was invited for some of the more aggressive vocal parts.

The album sets off with a very dynamic song that states clearly the direction of the band. Melodic rock/metal with a lot of alternative rock attitude and a really catchy chorus. The fact that you can hear two voices behind the microphone (plus a female one that pops every now and then if I am not mistaken) gives SCAR FOR LIFE a wider range to manipulate the listener’s feelings something that is achieved through really fast parts (check “One By One” which for me is the best song of the album) or exclusively acoustic and ballad like songs (f.e. “My Last Words” is of the same aesthetic with a few equivalent songs that are on Bruce Dickinson’s “Accident Of Birth”).

What strikes through the whole album though is the passion with which the band performs its songs. Even if you don’t like the clean vocals or the obvious acoustic influences, you can easily get carried away by the powerful performance and the sincere intentions. The success of this album is not based on the complexity of the compositions, but on the nice flow of the songs that although based in simple ideas they are being exploited till their very last second and they give out positive energy. Don’t expect masterpieces or innovative ideas, just well played and alive songs with a very interesting distortion that cheer you up or take you down in melancholic trips.

SCAR FOR LIFE is an honest band that has a clear vision of their sound and identity. Their music is something that many classic metal fans might find kind of weird, but for those that can appreciate multiple influences from areas outside metal, they certainly have something to say. They are also unsigned, something that has to change soon, because their music certainly deserves some better promotion (I am not saying treatment – the production is just fine here).

P.S. You can (must) find this album for free in their official website. What are you waiting for?


Nikos Patelis