Happy Anniversary

Scar For Life’s latest album, Worlds Entwined, officially dropped two years ago today (29 August), accompanied by the release of the single ‘Thirteen Revolution’. Featuring Vinny Appice, currently working with Alex in Stagma, on drums and Rob Mancini on vocals, we were delighted with ‘Thirteen Revolution’ and really happy with the reception and support Worlds Entwined has received. As … Read moreHappy Anniversary

‘Worlds Entwined’ now available on streaming

  Like all of our music we’re very proud of our most recent album, ‘Worlds Entwined’, so we are delighted to announce that it’s now available on Spotify and soon to be on Apple Music. At the moment you can follow Scar For Life on Spotify here and once it’s released on Apple Music we’ll … Read more‘Worlds Entwined’ now available on streaming