New lyric video for ‘The Patriot’

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Scar For Life are really excited about being back writing and producing new material, so this morning we issued a new lyric video for ‘The Patriot’, taken from our 2014 release Worlds Entwined. You can check out the video on YouTube, … Continued

Happy Anniversary

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Scar For Life’s latest album, Worlds Entwined, officially dropped two years ago today (29 August), accompanied by the release of the single ‘Thirteen Revolution’. Featuring Vinny Appice, currently working with Alex in Stagma, on drums and Rob Mancini on vocals, we were … Continued

The last word

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Over the past week much has been written about the tragic passing of Prince. To be honest, there’s little more we can add, so rather than comment we thought it best just to let his talent speak for itself: