Scar For Life reunited with Rob Mancini

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Scar For Life have some great news to share with you today. As you know, Alex has been working on tracks for the band’s as yet untitled fifth album, and has also been working with an international concept band, Stagma.

Stagma have been searching for a lead vocalist for some time, so they were delighted when Scar For Life’s lead singer, Rob Mancini, was keen to be involved, and that project is moving quickly forward with a single due shortly and vocals added to half of the twelve-track album. Working together on Stagma, Alex and Rob rekindled the great working relationship that brought us ‘Worlds Entwined’, and the upshot is that Rob is back with Scar For Life. We are really happy to have Rob back with the band and are looking forward to producing a great fifth album.

If you are not already a follower of Stagma, there is a website and a Facebook profile where you can see what the band is up to. Stagma are Vinny Appice, Joe Petro, Neil Fraser, Patrick Johansson, Rob Mancini and Alex Santos and the band’s debut album features eleven tracks, with a bonus twelfth track specially composed for and featuring former AC/DC drummer, Simon Wright, and an electronic introduction from gaming legend, Jeroen Tel.