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on the road

It’s been a while since our last post and a lot of things have been happening.

Sadly, as everyone is aware by now, Scar For Life and Rob Mancini decided to go our separate ways late last year. We really appreciate what he brought to the band, and we know that he’ll be a hard act to follow, but life goes on and since then we have been looking for a worthy replacement. We hope to be holding a call and auditions in April/May and all being well we will have a new singer/lyricist with the band by the time we’ve finished composing music for the new album.

In the meantime, we haven’t just been sitting around. Alex has been working on a new concept album with a new groove metal band called STAGMA. This features Jason Morgan (Orangefall) on vocals, Neil Fraser (TEN, Rage of Angels) on lead guitars and Joe Petro (Heaven and Earth, Blacklist Union) on bass. The drummer will be announce very shortly and you won’t be disappointed! Alex is handling song writing, arrangements and production (and also playing guitar) and the debut mini-album, to be mixed at Alex’s Pressplay Music, will consist of 6 tracks to be recorded in May in Los Angeles, UK and Lisbon. STAGMA intend to promote the album with live shows in Los Angeles, so look out for news of that coming up soon.

Teen is working on a project that we can’t talk about just yet, suffice to say it’s going to be great and he is spending a fair bit of time with Alex at his Pressplay studios in Lisbon. As soon as we can say anything, you’ll all be the first to hear.

Ricardo is working on a number of musical side projects, which is keeping him rather busy at the moment, and Tiago is adding to his portfolio by taking on management of the Le Baron Rouge Rock Hangar at Barcarena, Lisbon. The Hanger plays host to a range of bands and they also have production and recording facilities, so the next time you are there, keep an eye out – you might see Mr Ian.

So we’ve been quite busy since our last outing, with exciting news to come and a new album on the horizon. In the meantime, we should end this post with an apology … sorry we’ve been so quiet lately and we promise to do our best to let everyone know what’s going on with Scar For Life a little more often in the future.

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